Eran Elhaik, Ph.D.
Population, medical, and evolutionary genomics

Faculty appointed Lecturer at the University of Sheffield
Department of Animal & Plant Sciences
Member of the Bioinformatics Hub and Insigneo

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The Diversity of REcent and Ancient huMan (DREAM): a new microarray. Genome Biology and Evolution 2017

A "Wear and Tear" Hypothesis to Explain Sudden Infant Death Syndrome frontiers in Neurology 2016

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Functional and evolutionary insights from the genomes of three parasitoid nasonia species. Science 2010

Geographic population structure analysis of worldwide human populations infers their biogeographical origins. Nature Communications 2014

The genome sequence of the leaf-cutter Ant Atta cephalotes reveals insights into its obligate symbiotic lifestyle. PLoS genetics 2011


Reconstructing Druze population history.
Scientific Reports 2016

The genome sequence of Taurine Cattle: a window to ruminant biology and evolution. Science 2009

Localizing Ashkenazic Jews to primeval villages in the ancient Iranian lands of Ashkenaz. Genome Biology and Evolution 2016


The genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.
Science 2006

The Metagenomics and Metadesign of the Subways and Urban Biomes (MetaSUB) International Consortium inaugural meeting report. Microbiome 2016

Insights into social insects from the genome of the honeybee Apis mellifera. Nature 2006

Coming up:

30-31/1/18: Personalized Medicine panel chairman and speaker at the Festival of Genomics, London, UK.
          Taming the skew - controlling for population stratification in drug trials\association studies.

15/1/17: Invited speaker at the University in Krakow, Krakow, Poland.
          Reconstructing the atlas of human migrations from the end of the Ice Age to modern times.

25/12/17: Invited speaker at the Open University, Raanana, Israel.
          Uncovering ancient Ashkenaz with genetic GPS.


21/11/17: New paper: published in Genome Biology and Evolution by Elhaik et al.
         The Diversity of REcent and Ancient huMan (DREAM): a new microarray for genetic anthropology and genealogy, forensics, and personalized medicine.

10/11/17: Passed probation. Now a tenured Lecturer.

3/11/17: Received a teaching award.

23/10/17: Invited speaker at the Florey Interdisciplinary Research Forum, Sheffield, UK.
          A global mapping of environmental microorganisms to study biodiversity and AMR trends in the microworld.

12/10/17: Invited speaker at the University of Leuven, 2017, Leuven, Belgium.
          Taming the skew - Empowering medical and population genomics to promote personalized medicine.

6/10/17: Interviewed to BBC Radio Sheffield on Black History month.
          The GPS Origins results of host Paulette Edwards and the historical, social, and public aspects of genetic genealogy

5/10/17: New paper: published in Microbiome by Shamarina et al.
         Communicating the promise, risks, and ethics of large-scale, open space microbiome and metagenome research.

4/10/17: New e-book chapter: published in frontiers in Neurology by Elhaik (Ed. A.M. Lavezzi and C.E. Johanson)
         A "Wear and Tear" Hypothesis to Explain Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

27/9/17: Invited speaker at the Genomic Medicine 2017 conference, Cambridge, UK.
          Taming the skew - controlling for population stratification in drug trials\association studies.

28/7/17: New paper: published in frontiers in Genetics by Elhaik
         Editorial: Population Genetics of Worldwide Jewish People.

19/7/17: Speaking at the MetaSUB conference 2017, Stockholm, Sweden.
          Investigating the dynamics of ancestral inference from public surfaces.

21/6/17: New paper: published in frontiers in Genetics by Das et al.
         The Origins of Ashkenaz, Ashkenazic Jews, and Yiddish.

3/6/17: New paper: published in bioRxiv by Ryan and Elhaik
         Pair Matcher (PaM): Fast model-based optimisation Of treatment/case-control matches using demographic and genetic data

29/5/17: Speaking at the European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.
          From lost empires to modern cities with ancient GPS.
          More in Press.

1/5/17: Speaking at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
          From lost empires to precision medicine with biolocalization tools.

26/4/17: Interviewed to BBC Radio Sheffield on DNA Day.
          Health and public aspects of genetic genealogy

13/4/17: New paper: published in the European Journal of Human Genetics (EJHG) by Elhaik
         Selected advances in genetics-cream of the crop

26/3/17: Interviewed together with former Israeli parlament member Taleb el-Sana to Galatz, a popular Israeli radio station operated by the IDF, Israel.
          Did Palestinians descend from Canaanite populations 3500 years ago?

22/2/17: Interviewed to Galatz, a popular Israeli radio station operated by Israel Defense Forces, Israel.
          Why israelies change their surnames?

10/2/17: New popular science article: published in Aeon by Elhaik
         Solving the mystery of the Druze - a 2,000-year-old odyssey

8/2/17: Speaking at the RootsTech Summit, Salt Lake City, Utah.
          Transitioning genetic genealogy to the 21st century with DREAM technology.

6/2/17: Speaking at the Weill Cornell Medical College - Cornell University, NY.
          From Lost Empires to Precision Medicine Using DNA Bio-localization Tools.

6/1/17: Speaking at the PopGroup50 meeting, Cambridge, UK.
          From ancient DNA to ancient cities in 5 seconds.

16/11/16: New popular science article: published in The Conversation by Elhaik
         Solving the 1,000-year-old mystery of Druze origin with a genetic sat nav.

16/11/16: New paper: published in Scientific Reports by Marshall et al.
         Reconstructing Druze population history.

         More in Press.
         See the FAQ page.

28/10/16: New paper: published in frontiers in Neurology by Elhaik
         A "Wear and Tear" Hypothesis to Explain Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

         11/11/2016: #1 Most read paper in frontiers in Neurology compred to all output of similar age.

25/9/16: Speaking at the International Symposium on Human Identification 2016 workshop, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
          The Origins Chip: an advanced array for genetic genealogy and forensics.

9/8/16: New paper: pre-print in arXiv by Das et al.
         Responding to an enquiry concerning the geographic population structure (GPS) approach and the origin of Ashkenazic Jews-a reply to Flegontov et al.

28/7/16: Joining the EpiStressNet Consortium.

23/7/16: New paper: published in DNA Research by Morozova et al.
         Toward high-resolution population genomics using archaeological samples.

         19/8/2016: #1 Most read paper in DNA Research.

20/7/16: New paper: published in frontiers in Genetics by Elhaik
         In search of the judische Typus: a proposed benchmark to test the genetic basis of Jewishness challenges notions of "Jewish biomarkers".

18/7/16: Speaking at the Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel.
          Deciphering the geographical origin of Yiddish using GPS.

5/7/16: Speaking at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2016 conference, Qunnesland, Australia.
          Citizen Science engagement: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

2/7/16: Speaking at the MetaSUB 2016 summit, Shanghai, China.
          Accurate inference of human origins with Geographic Population Structure (GPS) in the Microbiome Era.

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BMC Evolutionary Biology
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