Public talks


  • BBC Radio Sheffield. Ancient DNA and origins. UK. June 8th 2019.
  • BBC Radio Sheffield. DNA Day UK. April 25th 2018.
  • BBC Radio Leicester. DNA Day UK. April 25th 2018.
  • NPR Members of Whose Tribe? US. April 18th 2018.
  • BBC Radio Sheffield. The GPS Origins results of host Paulette Edwards and the historical, social, and public aspects of genetic genealogy UK. October 7th 2017.
  • BBC Radio Sheffield. Health and public aspects of genetic genealogy UK. April 26th 2017.
  • Galatz. Did Palestinians descend from Canaanite populations 3500 years ago? Israel. March 26th 2017.
  • Galatz. Why Israelis change thier surnames? Israel. February 22nd 2017.


How to doctorate almost any result with Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Scientific conferences:
MAQC 3rd 2019, Riva Del Garda, Italy. April 9, 2019.


Temporal Population Structure to date ancient skeletons

Scientific conferences:
PopGroup 52 2019, Oxford, UK. January 6, 2019.


Taming the skew - controlling for population stratification in drug trials\association studies

Scientific conferences:
Festival of Genomics 2018 (Speaker and Panel chair), London, UK. January 30, 2018.
Genomic Medicine 2017 (Speaker and Panel chair), Cambridge, UK. September 27, 2017.

Invited talks:
Oulu University, Oulu, Finland. December 20th 2017.
University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. October 12th, 2017.


Transforming genetic genealogy with GPS Origins and the DREAM technology

General public:
RootsTech Summit, Salt Lake City, Utah. February, 8th 2017.


From ancient DNA to ancient Empires

General public:
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 - workshop, Sheffield, UK, March. 27th 2019.
Mobile University 2017, Sheffield, UK, September. 22nd 2017.

Scientific conferences:
European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark. May 27-30, 2017.
Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology (MASAMB) 2017, Vienna, Austria. April 3-4, 2017.
PopGen50 group, Cambridge, UK. January 6, 2017.
YUEG 2019, York, UK. June 24, 2019.

Invited talks:
Israel Antiquity Authority, Jerusalem, Israel. October 24th, 2018.
University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. March 1st, 2018.
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. January 15th 2018.
Monash University, Department of Biology, Melbourne, Australia. December 5th 2017.
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. May 1st, 2017.
Cornell University, New York city, NY. February 6th, 2017.


Why do infants suddenly die and why did Satan marry Lilith?

Scientific conferences:
Sheffield Bioinformatics Hub seminar, Sheffield, UK. October 28 2016.

Population genetics and forensics in the microbiome era

Scientific conferences:
Metagenomics & Metadesign of Subways & Urban Biomes (MetaSUB) 2017 Summit, Stockholm, Sweden. July 18 2017.
Metagenomics & Metadesign of Subways & Urban Biomes (MetaSUB) 2016 Summit, Shanghai, China. July 1-2 2016.

Invited talks:
King's College, London, UK. November 11th 2019.
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. December 15th 2018.
University of Sheffield, Sheffield , UK. October 23rd 2017.
The Israel Police the Department of Investigations and Intelligence, Jerusalem, Israel. December 12th 2017


Deciphering the geographical origin of the Druze using GPS

Scientific conferences:
VarI Sig 2015, Dublin, Ireland. July 11th 2015.


Deciphering the geographical origin of Yiddish using GPS

General public:
FameLab - Manchester regional, Manchester, UK. March 15th 2016.
FameLab - Sheffield Heat (Winner), Sheffield, UK. February 2nd 2016.
Interfaith group, Sheffield, UK. May 20th 2015.
24 Hour Inspire 2015, Sheffield, UK. April 16th 2015.

Scientific conferences:
Keynote talk: BioInformatics in Torun (BIT16), Torun, Poland. June 16-18 2016.
Genome Russia 2016, Moscow, Russia. April 14th 2016. Press release (1), (2), (3).
NGS 2015, Speaker and Session chair, Sheffield, UK. November 18-19th 2015.
The Krebs Institute Symposium 2015, Sheffield, UK. January 30th 2015.

Invited talks:
Open University, Raanana, Israel. December 25th 2017.
Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel. July 18th 2016.
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK. November 5th 2015.
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. September 3rd 2015.
Biotech company, US. March 2015.


A Geographic Population Structure (GPS) tool infers geographical origin of worldwide human populations down to home village

General public:
Genetics/Heritage: New Perspectives on the Study of Atlantic Slavery, Liverpool, UK. April 24th 2015.
Who Do You Think You Are? Society of Genealogists, Birmingham, UK. April 16th 2015.
Annual University Court meeting, Sheffield, UK. March 12th 2015.
24 Hour Inspire 2014, Sheffield, UK. March 24th 2014.

Scientific conferences:
HGV's 16th International Meeting, San Francisco, CA. November 11-13th 2015.
Basel Life Science Week 2015, Basel, Switzerland. September 23rd 2015.
NGS 2015, Speaker and Session chair, Glasgow, UK. April 23rd 2015.
Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics Symposium (EGGS) 2015, Cambridge, UK. March 17th 2015.
OIST Ancient DNA Symposium 2015, Okinawa, Japan. January 13-18th 2015.
NGS 2014, Sheffield, UK. November 13th 2014.
MASAMB 2014, Sheffield, UK. April 11th 2014.
EMBO 2014, Leicester, UK. April 5th 2014.

Invited talks:
Ben-Gurion University, Israel. December 30th 2014.
International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI), Arizona, US. September 1st 2014.
African Diaspora Project (Osargenews), London, UK. August 16th 2014.
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. April 24th 2013.
NIH, Bethesda, Maryland. April 4th 2013.


The origin of European Jews

Invited talks:
Johns Hopkins University, Genetics seminar, Maryland. February 12th 2013.
Hebrew University, Department of Genetics, Jerusalem, Israel. May 17th 2012.
Weizmann Institute, Department of Genetics, Rehovot, Israel. May 16th 2012.
Ben-Gurion University, Department of Genetics, Beer Sheva, Israel. May 15th 2012.
Tel-Aviv University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Tel Aviv, Israel. May 10th 2012.
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. December 21st 2011.


Designing Genographic's GenoChip 2.0

Scientific conferences:
The 5th Annual Genographic Project Scientific Conference, Washington DC. November 3rd 2011.
The 5th Annual Genographic Project Scientific Conference, Washington DC. November 1st 2011.

Isochore theory

Scientific conferences:
Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva Israel. January 7 2006.
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) 2011 conference, Tempe, Arizona. May 24th 2006.

Modern men are the 'sorriest cohort of masculine Homo sapiens
to ever walk the planet.'
From Manthropology by Peter McAllister